Participation Disclaimer

RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS BY PURCHASING A TICKET TO Coven Of Gaia Events, I,UNDERSTAND THAT I AM WAIVING CERTAIN LEGAL RIGHTS, INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO SUE. Coven of Gaia Events Ltd, organisers of A Festival for Pagans & Witches held 18th - 19th September 2021 and is organised by it’s members who operate as volunteers and independent contractors. In consideration of the Festival of Pagans & Witches organisers permitting the Participant’s attendance at A Festival for Pagans & Witches, the Participant waives any and all claims that the Participant has or may in the future have against, and release from all liability and agree not to sue, A Festival of Pagans & Witches organizers and associated property (“Premises”), as well as other participants, sponsoring agencies, sponsors, or advertisers for any claims of personal injury, death, property damage or other loss that the Participant sustains during or as a result of A Festival of Pagans  Witches due to any cause whatsoever. The Participant is aware that participating/volunteering in A Festival for Pagans & Witches has many inherent risks.

Please ensure whilst travelling around site in a vehicle  that you are not exceeding 5mph, with lights on during darkness hours and being aware of any pedestrians.

As a pedestrian on site, please be ensure you are wearing the correct footwear and have a light source (either candle or torch).

All fires/BBQ's where permitted are to be at least 1ft above ground level. Please respect the venue and all other persons attending. If your behaviour is such that it causes upset and/or malice you may be asked to leave the Event with no refund of ticket or workshops.