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Coven of Gaia

The Next Summer Camp:

Welcome to
Coven Of Gaia

A Warwickshire based Coven.

 We have been tasked by the Great Mother to teach the ways of the witch and pagan to those that need it. We work hard to develop young curious minds, draw out and nurture natural talents.

We are a not for profit organisation.

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Beautiful Scenic Setting

Held in the spectacular grounds at the Heart of England Conference & Events Centre.

With 160 acres of land, 80 of that being woodland, this is an amazing place to hold the festival for Pagans & Witches.



Both days will be filled with informative and creative workshops for all no matter how long they have been on their path.

All workshops will be bookable from January 2022. For more info click the link below.


On Saturday night, members of the Council and their covens will be in the woods or lakeside to perform a variety of moving and spiritual rituals.

All rituals will be bookable from January 2022. 

Forest Landscape

A Festival for Pagans & Witches

The Great Mother came to founding member Julie with an idea. An idea to create a festival to bring the community together and teach the ways of the Pagan and Witch. After a successful first festival a council was created to continue this success annually and tighten the UK Pagan community.

The Festival will be following the Government Guidelines in place at the time of the event.

All Stall Holders will have sanitizing stations and cleansing procedures in place.