Meet The Festival Council

The Festival Council are a collective of individuals on many different Pagan paths. All considered experts in their fields they have come together to bring to you the Festival of Pagan and Witches.

Julie Aspinall

My name is Julie and I am the founder of Coven of Gaia. I started having more dreams and visits in meditations that I needed something for all pagans and witches to meet, so I came up with the idea of the festival and it all started falling into place.  It will be the biggest meet in a couple of years time in the world, people will have somewhere to come and ask questions and to join together for rituals, new witches and pagans will be able to get help and assistance. The coven not allowed to make a profit from this, people can be paid for their time and expenses but all money is to go back into the next one to make it better, We can make donations to Covens or singular witches and pagan who need help.


Elisa Gray

My name is Elisa Gray. I am a traditional eclectic witch and advanced shamanic practitioner. I am a published writer and artist and I am a qualified English teacher with two masters degrees. I love  all things witchy and weird.

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Janey Manton

I describe myself as a Wiccan Druid with Shamanic leanings and an interest in Heathenry.  I have led moots, public rituals and been active in public life as a proud Pagan for more than 25 years (before that I was confused and searching!)  I am a LifeRites minister, I support the aims of the Pagan Seminary and anything that leads to Peace. 

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Joanne Tolan

Hi I'm Jo, I'm an eclectic witch with a strong interest in crystals. My deities are Odin and Bastet. I'm just starting to focus on my path with a huge draw towards the Norse Mythology..


Lynda Smith

My name is Lynda Smith and along with my husband Pete, I own and run Fantasy and Reality in Coventry.  As with many of us, my pagan journey began from a young age when I was aware I was a little “different” to others at my catholic school.  As a young child I would astral travel at night, which I found absolutely terrifying but was scared to tell anybody about it.  My favourite times were spent outdoors in nature.

 It wasn’t until I was an adult though that I was able to find the path that suits me.  I have worked solitary for many years, learning as I went along, and now am lucky to be part of a wiccan coven as well.

Our business began over 16 years ago, starting as a jewellers and gift shop and then evolving to what it has become now.  I consider myself immensely fortunate to be able to work with crystals every day!!!!  I have also been able to set up a monthly moot, tarot group and other workshops, which I really enjoy doing.


Anne Edge

My name is Anne Edge and I am the Event’s Co-Ordinator at Coven of Gaia Events Ltd and a member of The Coven council as well as the Festival Council.

I sort of fell into being a witch after my mother died when I was 9 and I felt my beliefs had let me down. I have practiced, privately and solitary for about 32 years now and joined a Coven in 2020, this helped me greatly and as a Coven we have gone from strength to strength, educating and helping those that ask for it.

The ultimate goal would be to give the knowledge to everyone and bring the pagan and witch ways out of the dark, so that no one has to practice in secret anymore.

Crystal Ball


My name is Alexia and I am the High Priestess of the Coven of the Moon & Tide based in Birmingham.

We are a strong collective of Wiccans on a specific path.

We are as close as family and seek to support each other, not only on our spiritual paths but our day to day lives.

We can't wait to rid the negative stereotypical view covens tend to get and enrich the community.

On a personal note I have been practising the craft for about 16 years now, secretly at first and then very loud and proud.

I am the owner of Solstice Divine a holistic, spiritual and divine shop and podcast.


Amanda McWhirter

My name is Amanda.  I’m an eclectic witch and the majority of my work focuses on the elemental kingdoms. I'm honoured to be a High Priestess of the Magdalene Order. I've been practising magic and dancing between worlds since I was a little girl much to my mothers horror.  I founded The Elemental Apothecary a few years ago where I make poppets and provide other magical services to heal.  I’m a writer, marketeer and seeker/bringer of peace and love in all I do.

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