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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question or requirement not covered below please contact our team. We look forward to helping you enjoy our Festival.
Q. Do you pay for the workshops and rituals on the day?
A. Workshops and Rituals will be released for sale on the website in January 2022, any remaining spaces will be available to book on the day.
Q. Will I receive tickets for the workshops and rituals I have booked?
A. With regards to workshops, rituals and Divination bookings, we will have this all logged for your entry on the day for you to collect tickets at the main desk.
Q. Are the events in the main arena open to everyone and no pre booking required?
A. Yes. However, we reserve the right to manage attendance in all cases to comply with Covid -19 guidelines.
Q. Are children allowed to attend workshops & rituals?
A. Yes, if necessary and accompanied by a responsible adult and over the age of 10years. We do however have kids workshops just for them!
Q. When will I receive my tickets?
A. For entry, you will need your proof of purchase, no physical tickets will be sent out.
Q. Is on site parking included with an entry ticket?
A. Yes.
Q. How will I identify organisers or staff on the days I attend?
A. The council will be wearing clearly marked cloaks and staff in clearly marked hi-vis vests.
Q. What should I do in a medical emergency?
A. We will have qualified paramedics on site as a first response. If you do have an underlying medical condition, please register this at the First Aid tent on arrival. Also local emergency information will be found in the program.Please keep access lanes clear for emergency vehicles.
Q. Are dogs allowed?
A. Well behaved dogs are welcome. Dogs to be kept on a lead and their poo to be bagged and deposited in the bins provided. Young children will be attending so please remain vigilant at all times.
Q. Will food and refreshment be available on site?
A. Yes. However, if you have special dietary requirements, please bring your own.
Q. Where is the nearest train station please?
A. Birmingham International is roughly 15 mins away by taxi. If camping but not on site factor in travel to/from your choice of campsite/accommodation.
Q. Is the venue suitable for those of all physical abilities and ages?
A. Yes, eg, wheelchair access is good. Please remember the event is on grassy field.
Q. Is this event open to all paths, gender etc...?
A. Yes, all are welcome.
Q. Can I fly in?
A. Unfortunately not, the CAA take a dim view of random broomsticks in their airspace. Quidditch is best played at Hogwarts.