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Titania's Healing Room

Psychic Medium partnership Titania and Paul will be returning to our festival this year offering their readings with a variety of divination tools including Crystal ball and Black mirror scrying with Titania, Tarot or Oracle cards with either of them, and traditional Romany Charm casting readings with Paul. Book in your time slot and choose your divination method on the day.

Choose from either Paul (The magician), strong in his senses, powerful in his approach, or Titania (The High Priestess), Intuitive and nurturing, for some soul based guidance and magical vibes.

30 minute sessions for £20

Indigo Phoenix

I am a 3rd generation psychic medium I am a white witch with an ancient bloodline descending from Egypt and Romani gypsy My ancient abilities run on both sides and have been passed down from generations, both my grandmother's were psychic readers I was born with the gifts of clairvoyance, mediumship, clairaudience, clairsentience with strong psychic abilities, transfiguration and trance healing abilities I've worked as an Intuitive reader for over 15 years, in different countries.

45 minute sessions for £40 Sat & Sun

10 min session for £10 Sat & Sun 

Isabel Eden

A clairsentient, specialising in Spiritual readings into the past, present and future. Giving clarity and purpose to your being, clearing negativity and darkness, and exchanging it for positivity and light.

You can record your readings on your phone and take pictures to.

50 minute sessions for £35 Sat & Sun 

Carl Eden

A fully qualified hypnotherapist specialising in past life regression. Sessions last for 1 hour and consist of a pre induction chat focusing on what you want to get out of the session and a relaxation induction leading into a past life experience. ​

Sessions include a relaxation recording plus a recording of your session.

60 minute session £40

Jeanette Beasley​

Psychic Medium and Reiki Master she is a 4th Generation psychic medium and she will be doing tea leaf fortune card readings I love Crystals and anything spiritual and pagan.​

30 minute sessions for £20 Sat & Sun 

Shelley Moy

Psychic Medium and Reiki Master doing 1 to 1 readings around the Midlands. I love Crystals and anything spiritual and pagan.​

30 minute sessions for £20 Sat & Sun 


As we all return to the new normal a lot of us are wondering what lies ahead for the remainder of the year.

Well I may be able to help you!

I am a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant with over 20 years of experience .I am able to connect with loved ones and friends passing on messages of love, hope and sometimes giving a the guidance you need.

I use the crystal ball ,a variety of tarot and angel cards and I also read photos of the dead as well as the living.


 30 minutes £20

40 minutes £30  60 minutes £40


I'm a professional Tarot reader at Tarot Angel. I learnt to read cards at 13years old, they have become like a second language to me, providing people with an insight of their lives at the moment and where it's likely to be heading...
I'm also a Reiki Master and Angel Therapist, connecting with Angels on a daily basis and showing you how to do the same​

30 minute sessions for £20 Sat & Sun 

Colin Robertson​

I'm an intuitive Tarot reader, which means I let the images on the cards speak to me, more so than the assigned traditional card meanings. I use multiple decks during a session and like to give my clients as complete an answer as possible. 


I also teach beginners how to read Tarot and have created my own deck, using Banksy's artwork to illustrate each card. 


I've been reading on a professional basis for about 15 years

30 minute reading for £20