The Coven of Gaia

The Coven of Gaia was founded by Julie Aspinall.

This was a way to pass on the knowledge she and other members have to educate new witches and pagans. Through this education they can move forward and discover their own path. The passing of this knowledge ensures the ways of the witch and pagan are not forgotten.

The festival of Pagans & Witches also founded by Julie through the Great mother has grown into a bi-annual event. At this festival the aim is to educate and bring forth understanding.

The Coven of Gaia also help small businesses, host rituals throughout the year and have fun.

We aren't evil, we are people that celebrate and worship a different God or Goddess.

 When I was a teenager, I thought I was a special child of God as everything I ever wanted happened. I put myself in some very dangerous situations and nothing ever happened to me,  

I was always protected. My eldest daughter was born on the morning of a new moon at the exact time the moon rose. I didn’t realise at the time but I still called her Celine. 

In my early twenties I realised that I actually manifested what I wanted and I could do spell work very well., I experimented with lots of candle magic astral projection and read lots of books, there wasn’t the internet at that time so reading was the way forward.  

The few people I tried to talk to all thought I was off my head, then I read about the children in Orkney that were taken in to care and their families accused of devil worshipping satanic abuse.  

So I went underground with my practice. I never discussed it with anyone. I still practiced quietly but very discreetly. 

My eldest daughter became a social worker a few years ago and mentioned that pagans were allowed to foster so I suddenly allowed myself to be free to practice openly.  

I started having powerful meditations and dreams that I was needed to start a Coven and also needed to help people on their path, lol I was a bit confused about where the Coven members were going to come from but trusted in the Gods and Goddesses. They started coming from the most random places. So many coincidences that put people in my path and also people that did need my help. I knew I wasn’t to be the High Priestess but I knew I needed to teach. So many coincidences always for me and so many messages sent.  

The Gods and Goddesses also sent me the correct people to run my business to free my time up.  

The Coven is not yet full as we need 33 members for the work that needs doing.

Julie tell us ...........

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